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The Leeds Music Club Quiz

MS presnting the questions The 80th Anniversary of the Leeds Music Club was celebrated 18th February 2012 with a social evening and a musical quiz.

The quiz was compiled and presented by Mike Stevens, who opened by saying that besides music a good knowledge of useless information will be an asset. He also reported:

Good News: the committee had decided to make the quiz a regular event.

Even Better News: every 80 years!

In order to share the infliction as widely as possible, you are now invited to try your luck with questions from the quiz.

Start at Q1 and see how many you can answer correctly without looking up or 'googling'. The original participants had no internet access. They worked in teams of about 6 people.

We have converted many of the questions to multiple-choice style to make it easier to check your answers. This will make the on-line version of the quiz easier than the original.

Recommendation: Check your sound (audio) settings.


This is a beta version: There is no formal scoring or feedback form but you can email us your comments.
If you find mistakes we can take a look.
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